Student Researchers

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Maryam Arbabzadeh Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Sustainability, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Development

Zahra Bahrani Fard Research Assistant

Zahra is currently a Master student of Natural Resources and Environment at The University of Michigan. Research interests include: Urban Sustainability, Transportation Planning, Autonomous Vehicle.

She has background in Urban Planning and holds a Master degree in Regional planning from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. Zahra is currently working on the Green Infrastructures Project in Detroit with the Urban Sustainability Research Group. Before attending the University of Michigan, she was involved in some interesting research projects on spatial justice, transportation planning and comprehensive planning.

Dominic Bednar Research Assistant

My goals aim to revitalize existing green infrastructure and cities to achieve harmony between buildings and humans.

Alex Bennet Research Assistant
Kevin (Zicheng) Bi Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles & Fleet Electrification

Michelle Bohrson Research Assistant

Sustainable urban development, food and water systems in the global south and community development.

Cailin Buchanan Research Assistant
Jiarui Cai Research Assistant

Since traditional data collection methods for Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) is expensive and time consuming, I am interested in innovative methods to collect LCI data such as computational data mining by link prediction.

Sydney Forrester Research Assistant

Sustainable energy, climate change, energy/water nexus, energy justice, sustainable development

Jim Gawron Research Assistant

Jim's research involves the development of an integrated model using life cycle assessment methods to provide insight into the energy and emissions performance of autonomous vehicles for a variety of deployment scenarios. His other research interests include fleet electrification, shared mobility, ​and renewable energy.​

Jeremy Good Research Assistant
Brent Heard Research Assistant

Integrating economic, statistical, and social science modeling into the life cycle assessment of emerging technologies

Ping Hou Research Assistant

My research interests are in the general area of Life Cycle Assessment. Specifically, I'm interested in using existing life cycle inventory datasets to predict the unknown datasets through computational modeling. Instead of expensive, time-consuming site investigation or literature review, the computational approach takes advantage of the underlying similarity of various datasets to easily estimate the unknown data with reasonable accuracy.

Krutarth Jhaveri Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment, Process Design

Shamitha Keerthi Research Assistant

Biofuels and their Environmental Impacts, Water Resource Policy, Water quality and scarcity, Energy & Land-use

Sara Meerow Research Assistant

Urban Resilience, Urban adaptation to climate change, Green infrastructure      

Tara Narayanan Research Assistant
Bhuvan Neema Research Assistant

My research is focused on application of Battery Energy Storage (BES) systems on grid-scale. Currently I am assessing BES systems as a replacement of dirty peaker-power generation plants and improving capacity factor for combined cycle natural gas based power generation units. I am focusing on ERCOT region grid and evaluating its environmental as well as economic impact for utilities.

Shen Qu Research Assistant

Shen Qu is a Dow Sustainability Postdoctoral Fellow at SNRE of the University of Michigan. His current research focuses on how environmental risks may impact the global trade network. In particular, he combines tools of input-output analysis and network analysis to uncover the role of international trade in spreading and preventing environmental impacts.

Adam Reichenberger Research Assistant

Regional Food Systems, Food Sovereignty in U.S. Post-Industrial Cities

GIS mapping of urban gardens in Detroit.

Daniel Ryan Research Assistant

clean energy, carbon mitigation of power plants

Nicole Ryan Research Assistant

Nicole is interested in developing a more sustainable infrastructure for producing electricity, by optimizing the use of current generation assets and advancing alternative energy resources, with the goal of reducing emissions and waste. While obtaining her undergraduate degree Nicole participated in a co-op with Duke Energy for one year, where she gained experience in the operation and maintenance of coal fired power plants and natural gas combustion turbine combined cycle plants. After graduation she worked for Burns & McDonnell in their OnSite Energy and Power group creating dispatch models, feasibility studies and designs for combined heat and power plants. Nicole graduated from North Carolina State University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Environmental Science.

Rebecca Spellissy Research Assistant

Community engagement and transfer of information in technology based development projects.

Melissa Stults Research Assistant

The adaptation-mitigation nexus, building resilience towards climate change

Brittany Szczepanik Research Assistant, Office Assistant

I am interested in sustainable energy systems in the built environment, particularly for local school districts. In my future career, I hope to help schools analyze demand-side electricity consumption and provide affordable and renewable energy options to lower their utility bills and carbon footprint, while simultaneously encouraging behavior change.  I believe schools are drivers for change. I am confident that we can maximize our environmental impact by focusing on institutions whose purpose is to develop a responsible and future-oriented student body.

Pablo Taddei Research Assistant

sustainable/green infrastructure; energy poverty

Morteza Taiebat Research Assistant

Vehicle Automation, Electrification, Shared Mobility; Energy Policy and Environmental Sustainability; Big Data Analytics

Morteza is currently a PhD student in Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is interested in assessing the energy and environmental implications of emerging transportation systems and investigating the policy mechanisms that would promote sustainable transport. His research is focused on the synergetic effects of vehicle automation, electrification, and shared mobility.

Before joining CSS, he worked as an energy efficiency analyst at the BC Hydro in Vancouver, Canada. With a background in Control and Automotive Engineering, he was a graduate research assistant at the Process Automation and Robotics Laboratory while pursuing his Master’s at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. He also contributed in a research project on transportation electrification at the UBC Clean Energy Research Center. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Iran University of Science and Technology, and gained industrial experience in the automotive research and development sector.

Cory Wydysh Research Assistant

autonomous vehicles

Qiaoting (Jessica) Zhao Research Assistant

Network Analysis, Material Flow Analysis