Visiting Scholars

First Namesort descending Last Name Position Research Interests
Francis Kemausuor Visiting Scholar

Sustainable Energy Technologies; Bioenergy; Energy Policy

Hongqing Li Visiting Scholar

Material Flow Analysis, Environmental Risk Control, Land Resources Management         

John DeCicco Faculty Affiliate, Visiting Scholar

Energy and climate policy, with a focus on transportation vehicles and fuels. Technology assessment, policy and economic analysis

Lingjun Song Visiting Scholar
Najet Bichraoui Visiting Scholar

Specialties: Industrial Ecology. Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flows Analysis. System Dynamics, Agent-Based Modeling.  Currently working on building a sustainable methodological framework using System dynamics and Agent-Based modeling for Industrial Eco-Park for the Champagne-Ardenne region. The core industry of this research is the oilseed-based product of the Picardie/Champagne region

Nana Li Visiting Scholar

Social welfare leakage of universal electricity service

Ping Li Visiting Scholar

Associate Professor, College of Economics and Management, Northeast Agriculture University, Haerbin, China.

Russian-Chinese forest resource flows

Tianming Bai Visiting Scholar

Current research on Smart City.

Xi Tian Visiting Scholar

The environmental and economic assessment of non-ferrous metal recycling industry.

Yanchen Liu Visiting Scholar

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University, Beijing with research interests in sustainable urban water infrastructure.

Yanxia Zhang Visiting Scholar