Post Docs & Associates

First Namesort descending Last Name Position Research Interests
Alec Foster Research Fellow

Urban Political Ecology, Urban Forests and Urban Greenspaces, Affective Ecologies, Environmental Justice, Urban Theory, and Volunteered Geographic Information

Christian M. Lastoskie Associate Professor, Research Investigator

Chemodynamics- what is it?  The adsorption of gases in nanoporous materials; the movement of microorganisms in aquifer media; the binding of metals onto intracellular proteins: these are all phenomena associated with chemodynamics, the study of chemical fate and transport.  Our research group investigates both theoretical and applied aspects of chemodynamics using an integrated program of molecular modeling, computer simulation and experiment.  An interconnecting theme of our work is the application of atomistic methods and statistical simulation to address a spectrum of research problems spanning chemical, biomedical and environmental engineering.

Geoffrey Lewis Core Staff, Research Specialist
John Sullivan Research Associate, External Advisory Board Member

materials, structures, vehicle safety, life cycle assessment, recycling, and sustainability

Martin Heller Core Staff, Research Specialist

Life Cycle Assessment of Food and Agricultural Systems; Food System Sustainability; Sustainable Diets; Integrating Nutrition and Environmental Impact

Nolan Orfield Core Staff, Lecturer, Research Associate

Dr. Orfield is interested in product design and the role that life cycle modeling can play in the creation of products that serve rather than deplete the planet. His background in both entrepreneurship and academic research position him to understand not only the complex interaction between goods and the natural world, but also the design constraints required for commercialization.

Sai Liang Research Fellow

Investigating impacts of water scarcity risks on the global trade network.